Pom Poms & Dry Erasers

Every once and a while a tip comes along that changes the nature of your classroom.  Last week it was in the form of a Dry Erase Marker and a pom pom.  We recently accuried several individual size white boards with lots of marker and two erasers.  This activity has been great cause it allows to students to draw for long periods of time with out having to get more paper.  We also seem to have less mess since adding them to both our art area and our table top toys.

However with only two erasers we were in a constant battle of where’s the eraser.  Then my co-teacher for this pin.  It is such a simple idea.  A pom pom glued onto the end of the marker.


There are no more battles of the erasers.  The erasers have returned back to the teacher boards.  It does need a little elbow grease when the markers been on the board for a while, but it’s perfect for the kids in the moment.

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