Shape Cat

We were focusing on different pets my students have and I went searching for different types of pet crafts.  I found a pin which was a preschool halloween cat made from construction paper and I decidied to modify it from a black and yellow cat to more colorful.  And since we are still taking about shapes I made shapes more of the focus.


The image on the left is the photo from the original pin (the photo doesn’t link back to a site) and the one of the right is my example.  I had my students start with placing the two circles discussing which circle was bigger and placing them on the top and bottom of our papers.  Next we added the different shapes to create the face, lastly adding the cresant to make the cat tail.  The image on the left followed the direction most carefully (but also used a lot of glue in the process.  The image on the right was created by a student who was being impatient during our project.

IMG_1830  IMG_1831

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