St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

To keep the story of St. Patrick’s Day simple for my students we talk about how the leprechaun was going to come and visit our classroom.  We dyed our milk green, ate lucky charms, made green jello and dyed the toilet water green during nap time.  The students were super excited by our leprechaun visit.   For our small group activity I had seen a pinterest pin for a sensory bin containing green easter grass, gold coins and a cauldron to gather the coins in.


I knew for a couple weeks I was planning to this activity.  But as life seems to keep me busy I didn’t make it to the store to grab these items till a couple of days before St. Patrick’s day.  To my surprise Target and the two different dollars stores I went to no longer had gold coins available, let alone cauldrons.  Being on a budget I couldn’t afford to buy them from a store like Party City.  Luckily my co-teacher was gave the idea of hiding classroom items in the grass.


So we fill the bottom of our sensory bins with orange and yellow puff balls, feathers, and spiky rings we had left over from our halloween party.  We put the grass on top and let the students dig their way through to the treasures.  The children were entranced by picking up the grass and letting it fall back in the pin and were just as excited to find puff balls as if they had been gold coins.

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