Color Cotton Balls Dinosaurs

I came across this pin which had a dinosaur decorated with green cotton balls.  I love art that deals with textures.  After reading through the post I figure I could make it accessible for my students by precutting dinosaurs to give them clear boundaries.  The post clicked through to making color cottons balls in a very similar way as color rice.


The directions were for coloring ten cotton balls and required a step of stretching out the cotton balls.  However to do this craft with my students I colored a bag of 300 cotton balls, meaning I didn’t stretch them out.  I put all the cotton balls in a zip lock bag, add roughly a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of food coloring.  The color did not spread out through the cotton balls like I expected.  I added more rubbing alcohol little by little till I had added half a bottle.  The color did finally coat the cotton balls.  I think because I did not stretch them out the color never penetrated the inside.


Despite my trouble with dying the cotton balls my students loved pulling apart and gluing the cotton balls on to their paper.  Even though I gave the cotton balls 2 days to dry the color was still rubbing off when handles so I had my student put their glue to the dinosaurs first to prevent the color getting all over the place.


The end result was very cute and made for a textured display in my classroom.

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