I’m really bad at pronouncing dinosaur names.  So when my students started showing a lot of interest in dinosaurs I went looking for activities which didn’t require me to say dinosaur names.  I came across this Shape-a-saurus pin which I thought would also be a good review of our shape unit we had completed a few weeks back.

IMG_1714Above is my example I showed the kids before hand.  I precut the shapes as at the age of two cutting out shapes is not appropriate.  But my students do love working with glue and this was a good activity to practice how much glue we need.

IMG_1716Another purpose in choosing this activity was it helps my students learn to follow directions.  I told them the sequence we would be gluing the shapes, then lead them step by step.  The dinosaur above was mostly closely follow and also created my one of my youngest students.


This was one of my more creative dinosaurs (also note the extra glue on the paper).  All of my students were able to follow along and were super excited when I put the smiley face on for them.



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