Color Rice

My current classroom doesn’t have a permanent sensory table.  Which means I am always looking for ways to introduce sensory play beside setting up the sensory bins.  I also wanted to update our sensory supplies.  I was actually looking for activities about shades of colors when I came across this pin.

Things I used:

  • Quart-sized ziplock bags
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Basic White Rice
  • Food Colors

To make it an activity the students could join in I had my assistant teacher fill the ziplock bags with a cup of rice each.  I added about a cap full of rubbing alcohol to each bag.  I also controlled the food colors.

I did asked my students what color they wanted.  About half of them answered pink to my dismay (I was hoping for more variety in the colors).  You can mix the colors in many different combinations and add more of less to get different shades.  We ended up with two very different shades of purple because one child started out with pink that changed his mind to purple


The children love shaking the bags, really they love anything they get to shake.  We discussed how their action was changing the color of the rice.  Several of them also exclaimed over the sound the rice made when shaking.

I donned latex gloves and poured the rice out onto wax paper.  I let the kids smell the rice as the rubbing alcohol smell was new for them and they were curious why the rice didn’t smell like the rice we eat.  I placed the rice in the hallway as it is better ventilated (the smell was strong) and let it dry over the weekend.  The following week they had a great time digging through the rice.


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