Lunar New Year Lanterns

I was prepping my class for Valentine’s Day so I completely missed that Lunar New Years was approaching.  Fortunately a mother offered to bring in decorations they had used for their celebration and I quickly made plans to add a project to celebrate in our classroom.

After a quick pinterest search I saw paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  You can see the page Here.  Truthfully I didn’t read through the page, but looked at the picture and remembered making them as a child myself.

Since my students are varying in their skill when it comes to scissors, I had everybody color with markers on their papers.  This kept everyone working while my co-teacher and I went around helping student one by one with scissors.  They can work with scissors independently but since the lanterns require multiple line we helped each child individually.


My students did pretty well with the cuts.  I found the cuts which were about 1.5 inches apart to give the best lantern shape.  While the kids were napping I stapled the paper circular and attached the string.


Here’s the hanging product.  I was going to hang them when we made them at the start of Lunar New Year, but we had work done on our ceiling over the President’s weekend so I hung them last Friday which ended up being more inline with the tradition of Lunar New Year.

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